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Aesclepian Chronicles
American Association of Alternative Healers
American Botanical Council: Information About Herbs and Herbal Research
Ayurvedic Foundations
Ayurvedic Health Center Online
Bio-Magnetic Touch Healing
British Medical Acupuncture Society
China Guide: Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Herbs and Medicines
Comp. Therapy
Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine
Complementary Health Organisations
Flouride Controversy
General Complementary Medicine
General Council and Register of Naturopaths
Gerson Therapy
Herb Research Foundation
Holistic Internet Community
Holistic Internet Resources
Homeopathic Mail List Articles and Archives
HotBot results: complementary therapy (31+)
Internet Directory of Alternative Healthcare
Natural Health and Longevity Resource Center
Natural Medicine, Complementary Health Care and Alternative Therapies
Nature's Medicine Cabinet
Oriental Medicine
Oxygen Therapy
Perlmutter Health Center
PharmWeb - Pharmacy Information Resources
Southwest School of Botanical Medicine and Michael Moore's Herbal Treasurehouse
Synchronicity Foundation, Inc. - contemporary meditation
The Interactive Patient
The One Earth Gallery of Environment, Health, and Social Action Sites
The Visible Man
University of Washington Medicinal Herb Garden
Wellness Dentistry
World Wide Essence Society
World Wide Wholistic Web

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